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Hello, my name is Chris Legare in Ottawa, Canada. I built the A Touch of website to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the great architectural and technical achievements of the Roman Empire over the course of its 2,000 years of history.

I also wanted to share my Roman-inspired art and my miniature Roman Temples that I create by hand from different types of hardwood. I have spent over twenty years learning how to make a highly-detailed Roman temple, which required finding unique tools, materials, and developing my own equipment.

Why does Roman civilization still matter in the 21st century?

The influence and impact of Roman civilization can still be felt today. The very words you are reading right now use the same Roman Alphabet created by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. Over 60% of all English words are derived from Latin and Greek roots. Several languages in the modern world owe their existence to Latin, such as: Italian, Spanish, French, Portugese, and Romanian. Architecture today still owes much to Roman civilization through its development of concrete, bricks, domes, arches, vaulted ceilings, etc. In addition, Roman civilization still echoes in our science, engineering, law, and art in the 21st century.

I have been interested in the Roman world since a young age. Over the years, this interest, combined with my love of drawing and sculpting, has allowed me to create many accurate drawings and diagrams of great Roman architectural achievements. My interests and skills have also allowed me to create Roman-themed sculptures. However, my current focus has been the development of an educational website and the creation of miniature Roman temples which require much work and time to make.

In a world increasingly filled with 3D printers, A Touch of Rome still creates art the old-fashioned way by hand from wood, plaster, and clay, etc.

Most of the work I produce is done by Commission, unless there happens to be a completed model, which is rare. Ordinarily, after an order is placed, it will take at least two months to produce a temple, depending on how busy I am. If you are interested in ordering a temple or purchasing art, then just email me and I will provide the details.

During the whole temple creation process I stay in close communication with the client. Every other week, I send pictures and/or a short video showing the work progressing. My goal is to create an heirloom, a rare and timeless piece of work that reflects a high degree of beauty, luxury, and quality.

All the drawings and diagrams I have created can be used for educational purposes only through a Creative Commons license - (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). If you use one of my images, you must place my name and a link to the Creative Commons license beside it to avoid Copyright infringement. Any other use, such as commercial, please contact me - I am very reasonable, we can work something out.

Thank you,and have a good day - or, as the Romans would say:
"Gratias ago tibi et festus dies"

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