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image of Chris Legare of ottawa, Canada who is a sculptor of classical art and miniature 
roman temples and the owner of 'a touch of' website
  Hello - My name is Chris Legare, and welcome to the ATouchOfRome STORE where you can see some of the Roman Temples and art I create.

When I'm not drawing or writing about Roman civilization, I enjoy making Roman-themed art in wood and other materials.

I create miniature Roman Temples by hand, all from wood.

photo of a miniature roman temple carved from wood in the Corinthian style and offered for sale by

And as I sculpt every temple, I aim for a high quality of workmanship that is rich in detail and accuracy.

close-up image showing the high quality of details in the  upper columns  and entablature of a miniature Roman Corinthian 
   temple created by

I also make sculptures based on Roman themes
which you can see below.

photo of the 'Venus and the naughty cherub' high relief classical roman sculpture created by Chris Legare a sculptor with 
   '' in ottawa, canada. The image shows venus seated on a rock formation with a nest full of cherubs and one of the 
   cherubs is flying away as Venus is attempting to coax him back

Whether making miniature temples or sculptures, I put my heart into every piece.

I always try to create artwork that recalls the charm and elegance of Roman art and architecture.
image of a high relief sculpture of the Roman Goddess Flora done in a Baroque style and showing her with various kinds of 
   flowers intertwined in her hair. This sculpture is created by Chris Legare of Ottawa in the '' studio 
   devoted to Classical roman sculptures and miniature roman temples

image of a low relief sculpture portraying Roman Goddess Minerva wearing her helmet. This piece is created by Chris Legare who 
   is a sculptor at '' in ottawa, canada

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Thank you for your interest and support!

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