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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a miniature Roman temple or piece of art.

All Miniature Temple purchases are "Art Commissions".  In other words, you request that I create a temple.  It then takes me two to three months to complete the highly-detailed work.

I will send you weekly progress reports.  All other art may be available for immediate purchase - please enquire.

Simply send an email stating your interest, any details or questions.

To protect both buyer and seller, all purchases at A TOUCH OF ROME are handled exclusively by, in business since 1999.


When purchasing a high quality item, it is understandable that you want to make sure you get your art purchase safely with no problems or loss of money. And from point-of-view, I want to make sure I get paid for all my hard work with no risk of fraud. By using both buyer and seller are protected every step of the way.

Their payment options include:  Credit Cards, Paypal, Cheques, Wire Transfers, Money Orders.  And A Touch Of Rome pays any escrow fees.


A valid question - and the answer is yes. The score for at Trustpilot is quite excellent, based on 340 reviews.

This quote from explains clearly how the whole process works.

1.  The buyer and seller register at where both parties agree to the terms of the transaction. These terms can include, but are not limited to, delivery time, a description of the item and the cost.
2.  The buyer uses the secure online system established by to transfer the funds for the merchandise, and the seller is notified that they money is in a holding account waiting for them to fulfill their obligations as agreed in step 1.
3.  The seller ships the item and provides tracking information to
4.  The buyer has a specified time period to accept the item and advise that this has been accepted. If the seller rejects the item it is at this point that a dispute will be raised and will be required to act as a third party for resolution.
5.  Once the merchandise has been accepted by the purchaser, release the funds to the seller and the transaction is complete.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at:

You can also email me by using the Contact email form.

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