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temple Frieze Welcome to the A Touch of Rome studio devoted to creating miniature Roman Temples built with great care and attention to detail. Over a period of three months, using carefully selected hardwoods such as oak, maple, and fruitwood, I carve and assemble all the wooden parts that make up a high-quality Roman temple miniature.

I also create beautiful Roman-themed High Reliefs and Low Reliefs sculptures which you may enjoy viewing.

The timeless charm of Roman art and Classical architecture has inspired and delighted people for so many centuries. My studio recreates these wonderful Roman achievements by hand so that you can have "a touch of ancient Rome" in your life and home.

And with that sentiment in mind, I would like to introduce my very first Roman Temple Miniature model below.



image of Roman Goddess Victoria
This Roman temple miniature is dedicated to VICTORIA, Roman Goddess of Victory, whose form is carved into the top area of the temple.

Also known as NIKE to the Ancient Greeks, VICTORIA was one of Rome's most beloved goddesses. Many temples were dedicated to her and she appeared in many mosaics, frescoes, statues and coins.

This temple's name "AD VICTORIAM" is Latin for "TO VICTORY" - triumph in life and victory over adversity. May this temple symbolize hope and light in your life as it fills your home with Classical grace and elegance.


•  Corinthian Order, Tetrastyle (4 columns wide);
•  16" high x 8" wide x 12" depth - 41x20x30 cm;
•  Oak, maple, poplar, fruitwood;
•  100% hand-carved and hand-polished;
•  Treated with Linseed Oil from Flax seeds;
•  Weighs 3 pounds (1.5 kilo);
•  Removable roof for interior object placement.


•  Highly detailed surfaces.  Look at this page that compares the level of detail between my "Ad Victoriam" temple and another miniature Roman temple that sold at Christie's for over $27,000 (£21,250) in 2017.

•  High resale value in the secondary market. In 2018, At Christies Auctions, a miniature Roman Temple sold for $240,000 USD (£187,500). Further examples can be seen on this page which highlights Christie's and Sotherby's auctions of miniature Roman temples and partial sections of Roman temples.

•  All my creations come with a 100% guarantee of quality workmanship and my "A Touch of Rome" seal and documentation. All temples and other art pieces are numbered and registered with us.

•  Miniature Roman Temples of this quality and accuracy are extremely rare in the world and have not been produced at this level since the Grand Tour period of the 1700s and 1800s.

•  Carved statues in the front Tympanum feature Goddess Victoria and Roman Centurions;

•  Carved relief in the rear Tympanum features Emperor Augustus and Roman Gods Mars Ultor and Roma along with two Roman Centurions with sword and shield;

•  True Roman Architectural proportions;

•  Frieze space on all four sides available for customized inscriptions (see Figure 2 below);

•  Weekly email images and progress reports sent every week during the building process;

•  Temple bottom surface of Podium is covered in Imperial Purple Felt to protect surfaces;

•  Removable roof for object placement within temple (vase, urn, statue, plant, etc) - see images below:

image showing the roof being removed from the 'Ad Victoriam' ancient Roman Temple miniature Pry Roof open at Side
image showing a wooden urn 
being placed inside the 'Ad Victoriam' miniature roman temple with the roof pediment removed
Place Vase inside Temple
image showing the urn inside 
the 'Ad Victoriam' miniature Roman temple created by the '' studio
Vase inside &
Roof Reattached


close-up  view of Cornice, Entablature and Capitals  of miniature wooden Roman Corinthian Temple greater close-up  view of details of temple corinthian capital Touch or hover cursor to zoom
My dedication to a high calibre of detail and accuracy can be seen in the image to the left.

Touch image or hover cursor to zoom the image and touch anywhere outside image to stop zoom.

Notice the fine details of the upper column, the delicacy of the volutes and leaves, the tiny details carved into each veined Acanthus leaf, each tiny Fleurion, dentil and modillion.

Notice also the tight fit of the columns to the entablature above, and the overall precision, the consistent lines and high number of mouldings - all carved in four types of precious hardwoods fitted together carefully like an intricate and rigid wooden puzzle.

It has taken me almost twenty years to develop the skills and asssemble the tools required to bring this miniature 100% wooden Roman temple to reality.


close-up  view of '' artist fluting a miniature wooden roman temple column
Making column flutes with handsaw
Each "Ad Victoriam" Roman Temple miniature takes two months or more to build because it is of the Corinthian Order - the most ornate and the most detailed of the five Roman Orders of Architecture.

It takes time, skill and patience to build such a highly-detailed Roman temple on such a small scale using small tools, magnification and very precise calipers and other measuring devices.

Choosing the wood, marking the wood, and then cutting it and sanding it before carefully carving each part so it is properly detailed is a long process. And after all the parts are done they are carefully assembled which is then followed by the polishing and oiling process - this all takes time, a lot of labour and great attention to detail.

At A Touch of Rome we are using Old World skills and artistry in the 21st century. Anyone purchasing this miniature temple will be very pleased with the quality, durability and beauty of their piece.


My primary goal is to create not only a Roman temple ... but to also create a timeless piece of luxury - something wonderful and stunning in appearance that will inspire and enchant you - a piece of sculptured art which truly reflects the glorious architectural achievements of Classical Roman civilization.

The practice of making miniatures of buildings, or even city scapes, is known as "miniature art." My miniature temples are artistic sculptures to be cherished and enjoyed simply for:

•  Their beauty and uniqueness;
•  Their rarity of manufacture;
•  Their fine detail and accuracy;
•  These temples make for great conversation pieces;
•  Perfect for students of Architecture studying Classicism;
•  The time investment and skill that went into making them;
•  For what they symbolize as historical icons of Julio-Claudian Roman architecure.


There are many ways you can showcase your miniatuare Roman temple, as shown in the images above:

•  On a small display table;

•  On a mantle;

•  In a glass display case;

•  On a bookshelf or wall shelf;

•  Centered on a coffee table or end table.

Placing your new temple among books and other pieces of art on a shelf in your living room, for example, can create a very dramatic and eyecatching effect, taking your interior space into a very interesting dimension.

It is always satisfying to see people's reaction the first time they see and touch this temple displayed on a large bookshelf in my living room. They are delighted and astonished. It can make a real statement about your personal interests and your taste in art and decor.

More and more professional decorators are realizing the power of including Classical Roman and Greek art into the decor of a home.

I create these temples for all lovers of art and Roman history. Unlike the 1700s and 1800s when Classical Roman and Greek architecture and statues were common in the Western World, my Roman temples definitely fall into a "niche" category today. Nevertheless, I truly believe that many people in the 21st century are still fascinated by Roman history and civilization.

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